Expert Evidence

Expert evidence has been provided in a variety of cases, to the Federal Court, the Supreme Courts of NSW and Victoria, the Federal Magistrates Court, District Courts in two States, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and the Patents Commissioner. Most of the assignments listed below have related to information technology, particularly in the patents area.

Vaikom, Sydney, 2014-15

Expert report relating to the sources of emails, before the District Court of NSW

Watermark Patent Attorneys, Melbourne, 2008-12

Expert report relating to secure email portals and innovation patent no. 2007 100 419, before the Patents Commissioner

Australian Government Solicitor, for Australian Taxation Office, Perth, 2006-07, 2011

Expert report relating to the viability of two franchised information technology businesses, before the AAT

Clayton Utz, Sydney, 2008

Expert report relating to settlement and clearing systems and a particular inter-company payment transaction, before the District Court of NSW

Blake Dawson Waldron, for Telstra Limited, Melbourne, 2004-08

Expert evidence relating to online ordering technology and the Amazon Single Action Patent, AU 762175, before the Patents Commissioner

Friedman Lurie Singh & D'Angelo, Perth, 2007

Expert report relating to the evidence needed to support a criminal charge of possession of 'refused classification' digital content, before the District Court of WA

Moorhouse-Perks, Melbourne, 2005-06

Expert report relating to the investigation of accesses to inappropriate web-sites, and storage of inappropriate images, to support dismissal procedures against an employee, before the Industrial Commission and the Federal Magistrates Court

SOLV NL, for Brein v. Wanadoo, Amsterdam NL, 2005

Expert evidence relating to MediaSentry's conduct in collecting IP addresses from Kazaa users who allegedly infringe upon the rights of copyright holders

Vinson & Elkins, for Dell Inc., Austin TX, 2005

Expert report relating to an eCommerce patent

Cutler Hughes & Harris, for Visible Results Inc., Sydney, 2004-06

Expert evidence relating to an alleged infringement of a loyalty card patent owned by Visible Results Inc., before the NSW Supreme Court

Landerer & Company, for Altnet Inc., Sydney, 2004

Expert evidence relating to Universal & Ors v Sharman & Ors (the Kazaa case), before the Federal Court, Sydney

Freehills, Sydney, 2004

Preliminary work relating to digital rights management and computer security

Davies Collison Cave, for Telstra Limited, Melbourne, 2002

Expert evidence relating to electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) technology and Australian Patent Application No. 744051

European Patents Office, Munich, 2002

One-day seminar relating to eBusiness technologies and the impacts of intellectual property laws on innovation in eBusiness

Verekers, for Charles Berg, Sydney, 2001-2002

Expert evidence relating to defamation on the web, in the action Berg v. Macquarie Bank, before the NSW Supreme Court

Gilbert & Tobin, for Dow Jones, New York and Sydney, 2001-2002

Expert evidence relating to defamation on the web, in the action Gutnick v. Dow Jones, before the Victorian Supreme Court

Mallesons Stephen Jaques, for Telstra Limited, Melbourne, 2001

Expert evidence relating to eCommerce technology and the Netcraft patent WO 97/03410, before the Federal Court, Melbourne

Baldwin Shelston Waters, for Catuity Inc., Sydney, 2000-2001

Expert evidence relating to smart card patents and in particular AU 712925, before the Federal Court, Melbourne

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Canberra, 1999

Expert advice relating to domain-name registration and Internet technologies generally

Constitutional Commission, Sydney, 1992

Advice and expert witness tasks in relation to privacy aspects of databases, before the AAT

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