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Roger Clarke brings to his assignments over four decades of experience in the information technology industry, in Sydney, London, Zürich and Canberra. He has been a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society since 1986, and of the international Association for Information Systems since 2012.

He holds degrees in Information Systems from U.N.S.W., and a doctorate from the A.N.U. He maintains contact with developments in technology through his involvement in international conferences, supervision of doctoral candidates, and ongoing Visiting Professorships at U.N.S.W. (in cyberspace law and policy), and at the A.N.U. (in computer science).

Features of Roger's profile include:

  • a combination of executive breadth with technical depth
  • experience in a wide variety of industry sectors and public sector agencies
  • experience not only in Australia but also overseas, particularly in the United Kingdom and in German-speaking countries
  • demonstrated capacity to work with people at Board, senior executive, managerial, supervisory and operational levels
  • long experience in application software development and maintenance, and the management of those activities
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He has broad expertise in the following areas:

  • exploitation of information technology to fulfil corporate strategy
  • extraction of competitive advantage from information technology
  • management of the impact of change brought about by information technology
  • commercial and legal aspects of information technology
  • the formation of policy relating to information technology
  • economic, legal and social impacts and implications of information technology

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